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May 2017 – President’s Corner

Greetings Members,

By now I hope you’ve had a chance to peruse the new Six Mile Lake Association website. Beautiful, isn’t it? Derrick Hakim, with input from his team, did an outstanding job!! Coming soon, will be some tutorials from Derrick to help all of us with navigation of the site. Unless somebody shows me how to do something on a computer, I am completely ignorant and freely admit it. I’m sure most of you will have it all figured out, but, I will not be one of those fortunate individuals. I will definitely need help!

Spring here on Six Mile Lake has been cold. We’ve had a few nice days but not many and until this past week, not much sunshine. Despite that, the orioles arrived last night. The hummingbirds will be close behind so, of course, there’s always the mad scramble to get the feeders out. We’ve had lots of different duck species and the geese. I think I just heard a collective groan when I mentioned the geese! SMLA member Jean Alexander has had a unique way of keeping the geese off her lawn. She uses a couple of dog silhouettes on stakes and they bounce and move in the wind. I kid you not…they look real and they work! Maybe Jean will tell us where she got her new ones as, unfortunately, her originals came up missing. We also had a report from another member that his heavy wooden chairs came up missing off his dock. So, it looks like it’s time for all of us to start paying attention to unusual activity or people we don’t recognize.

So now I’ll launch into my annual ‘be a good neighbor’ spiel. A neighbor, who races cars, and lives across the street from the lake on my side mentioned that he never realized how loud his car sounded until his friend, who also lives across the street from the lake on the opposite side of Six Mile Lake used a chainsaw to cut down a tree. He was stunned that the sound carried so far and, in fact, appeared to be coming at him from nearby and not over a mile away. We do live in Echo Valley, you know! He now has determined that he will be more considerate of his neighbors when tuning up his car and only do it when necessary and not for prolonged periods of time. That is called being a good neighbor. Thankfully, most SML residents are considerate of their neighbors. Our lake may be over 5 miles long but it is narrow and it IS possible to hear the neighbor across the lake on a still day. As president, I do get complaints and it can be frustrating, but I have found, that if you talk to the person about their non-stop barking dog, or their loud music, or their kid riding the jet ski non-stop in front of your house usually the issue can be solved. Most times, these folks aren’t even aware that there is a problem. Last year, phone calls to my house also involved the dreaded jet skiers turning circles over and over and over and over again in front of someone’s house and the damage done to frontage from some of the boats (and jet skis) with bigger than normal wakes, harassment of wildlife, etc. And all of us have experienced the boat full of drunks racing up and down the lake after midnight, in the pitch black, with no running lights, screaming loudly and totally oblivious to the fact that voices carry and we now know about Bobby’s finances, and Chad’s love life, and what they think about Phyllis, etc. The golden rule is ‘treat your neighbor as yourself’ and for the most part, we all do, and that’s what makes living on Six Mile Lake so special…most of the time!!!! Happy Spring and welcome home!!! Here’s looking forward to a wonderful summer on Six Mile Lake!!!

Until next time!!!


P.S. Plan on attending the breakfast brunch, June 10 at 9am at the Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church. Bring a dish to pass, and your own eating utensils. Coffee and juice will be provided.

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