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Loons Banded – Wow!

Joe Kaplan, biologist and Peg Comfort, local loon expert banded 3 of our loons last night – 2 chicks and the dad.

Joe thinks the adult male is one of the largest males in the Great Lakes region!

Peg Comfort and Joe Kaplan are holding the first loon captured, one of the babies, who will be known as ‘orange 87’, the color and number of the band attached to the leg.

The group in attendance were SMLA President Gary Batka and Kathy Batka, and members Raia Black, Karen Jacobson and her three friends, loon rangers Kelly & Cherie Hogan.

The big male loon was captured next and banded with ‘blue 88’ and the older baby was captured last and banded with ‘yellow 89’. It was Mom’s night out and she proved elusive and so did not get banded.

All were in the bay across from the Hogan house this morning and are just fine.

It was incredible to see the loons up close and even touch them….avoiding their very strong bills!

I’m sure glad we did it…now to pay for it!!

– Kathy Batka & Cherie Hogan


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