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Loon Platforms

Cherie Hogan wrote:
For those members unable to attend the September meeting you should know that we now have a Loon Committee and that we will be joining the effort to help
establish nesting pairs on Six Mile Lake. Kelly Hogan will be heading up this
committee so if you are interested in becoming involved in this exciting project
call 231-544-2781 or let one of the Board members know. We will be building two
nesting platforms to place in our lake at first “ice out” in the spring and we will need members to help watch what goes on with our loons and the platforms. These platforms will be clearly marked with buoys and caution boaters to stay back. We have chosen a location at the south end of the lake and one at the north end. We have already received a $100 donation to begin constuction of one platform. We will have the winter to help educate our members and the general public about these special birds and this project. For example did you know that the oldest living loon on record is from Clam Lake right here
in Antrim County and that loon is 21 years old? Did you know that loons do not
mate until they are between 4 and 8 years old? Stay tuned to this website for
additional facinating facts about our loons and our efforts to help establish
them on Six Mile Lake and if you are interested in helping out in any way by
donating your time, labor, or money let us know!!!

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