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Loon Pair on North Platform

Loon Platform 1Message from Cherie Hogan:

The news for the loons;

Loon Pair on North Platform

The loon pair who took up residence on Six Mile Lake two weeks ago immediately after ‘ice out’  wasted no time in settling in on the north platform and it appears that there already may be eggs as they are taking turns on the nest. This would be a full ten days earlier than the previous two years. Last year, our loon pair spent 60 days on the nest with the result being no loon babies. This could have been the result of heavy boating and skiing activity by the platform or curiosity by riding in way too close to the platform in order to get a better look.

Please slow down when passing by the platform in order to minimize wake size and watch the loons from a distance with a pair of binoculars. Do not approach the platform. The loons need their space. Recognize the signs of a stressed loon…such as laying prostrate on the platform with neck extended. The loons only need their space for 28 days, which we have calculated as June 10th, then the babies will be born and the loons will become mobile again and will be touring the lake with their offspring for all to see and enjoy. Asking for this short amount of time to slow down and stay back in this small section of the lake should really help the plight of these loons.Loon Platform

Please call Kelly or Cherie Hogan at 231-544-2781 if you have any questions or wish to report any activities about the loons (such as leg bands) and thanks for being a part of Six Mile Lake’s great loon adventure of 2014!

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