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Letter from the President – December 2019

Members and Friends of the Six Mile lake Association

On behalf of myself and all the board I want to wish each of you and your families a happy holiday season. From Labor Day on many of us spread out across r the country in search milder weather. If you are away for the winter, I encourage you to have someone look in your property. Depending on weather and snow fall roofs might need to be cleared and leaks may occur. I also encourage folks on the lake to be observant of your neighbor’s homes, winter around recreation areas is fertile ground for people looking for an easy ride.

If you are among those still at the Lake, I encourage you to attend the Christmas Party at Blue Pelican on December 14th. You need to have let Cherie know RSVP to Cherie Hogan before December 1st by texting 231.676.9969 if you are coming to that event.

Best wishes for a happy Holiday season,


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