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Know When This Site Updates With RSS

Hi Everyone:

There has been some interest by members to be notified as to when new posts or comments are added to this website.  That feature is built-into the site by using RSS.

Really Simple Syndication (RSS) is technology you can use to have information sent to you, rather than having to go look for it. This website offers RSS as a way to have headlines delivered to you.  To learn more about RSS, go to: http://www.whatisrss.com/.

We have two RSS feeds available to you.  One is for the Posts themselves – like what your reading now.  The other is for Comments to the Posts.  That would be like someone replying to this post and saying “great information – thanks!  ; -)

You can go to the bottom of this page and click on RSS for the Posts and Comment RSS for the Comments.  You can also click what’s underlined right here.

Subscribe To Our RSS Feeds! RSS and Comment RSS.

I would recommend subscribing to both.  If there are any questions, please let me know.


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