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July 2017 – President’s Corner

Greetings Members,

Summer seems to be finally here with just the right amount of sunshine and rain so far. Six Mile Lake was pretty busy for the Fourth and, when you have that many boats, jet skis, kayaks, etc., sharing the lake things can get hectic. Every year the Association gets a few complaints around this time so I’m going to share them with you. We had two incidents involving the loons, one on the north end with dark colored (either black or dark green and white) jet skis ridden by two white males harassing the loons and another incident involving two teal colored jet skis on the south end of the lake driving into the loons. The latter folks were lucky enough to have their pictures taken along with the MC numbers off the jet skis. Now just in case these riders don’t know this, it is illegal to ride near the loons much less ride into them to get them to react in order to protect their babies. And there’s a whole lot of other rules and laws regarding jet ski riders that will be posted on the website. Let’s just say for now that there are many eyes and cameras watching your behavior on Six Mile Lake and when you think you’re being cute you just might be illegal and getting your picture taken in the process which then will be happily turned over to the Sheriff and DNR. Geez, I love my cell phone for this very reason!!!!! Blasting down the lake is great fun, but running over ducks, other people’s fishing lines, and doing donuts close to shore with zero consideration for the frontage you are damaging with your wake is also illegal. Stay 100 feet back from the shore, other boats and docks, travel at a safe speed and keep your eyes peeled for the waterfowl that might be unable to get out of your way. And smile! You just may be on candid camera!

Next up on the complaint list…fireworks. Yes, it’s summer and yes it’s time to celebrate and have fun. But be mindful that those bottle rockets you’re shooting off over the lake are depositing debris into the lake. Basically, anything shot out of a tube is polluting the lake. Those cutsey lighted sky lanterns have four six inch wires and plastic and the debris stays where it lands and there is some concerns that these can start brush fires. Cherry bombs thrown into the lake pollutes it and is illegal. Be mindful that shooting fireworks after midnight could be disturbing neighbors that have to work the next day.

Well now that I’ve rained all over everybody’s parade, let me close by saying that Six Mile Lake has way less problems than most other lakes. Why? Because we have an active Association full of members who care about each other and our beautiful lake. We are mindful of and respect each other and I still think that Six Mile Lake is the best place to live anywhere!

P.S. Just a quick reminder; Bre Grabill from PLM will be the guest speaker at the meeting this Saturday, July 15 at 9am at the Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church. If you have any concerns or questions about how the lake is doing five years into the SAD plan on attending won’t you?

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