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How and Why To Pay Your Membership Dues Online

Hello Everyone,

The new website is set-up to allow you to pay your membership dues online and have your payments made to the association automatically through PayPal.  You can use any major credit card or make automatic debits from your bank account.  Since this is done through PayPal, you can be assured that your information is properly protected using today’s online banking standards.  The association does not have access to any of this information and none of your bank or credit card information passes through our website.  It’s all done through PayPal.

There are other advantages to making your payments through the website as well.  For the association, it makes the annual dues collection process easier and cash flow more predictable.  For our members, you won’t need to be bothered by making annual dues payment anymore since they will be made automatically for you.

During the payment set-up process, you will first be setting-up an account on our website that will be used for future website features.  Below is a sneak-peak of a profile page that each household will have.  Think of it as a private Facebook just for our members.  You will have your own profile page (like the one near the bottom of the page), be able to private message other members, share pictures, join groups, and post to forums.

If all works as planned, it will be the primary way that the association will communicate with its members and how the membership can communicate with the association.  Also, if you have a Facebook account already, you’ll be able to use your username and password to log into your SMLA account.  It will even carry your profile picture from Facebook to the SMLA account and change it when you change it on FB!

We have not decided how many of these features or when they will be released, but you will need to pay your membership dues through this new payment system to be ready to go when we are.

Here are some basic instructions on how to get started:  Basic Instructions For Setting Up Annual Recurring Membership Payments

Please contact any board member if you have questions or need help.

Thanks –

Derrick Hakim


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