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High Water Flooding Damage

High Water Flood DamageAt the board meeting on July 11, it was determined that we need your help documenting the terrible flooding that has been occurring on Six Mile Lake since 2009 and prior. Please comment and post pictures below of the damage to shorelines, structures, crawl spaces, dead and dying trees, loss of frontage, etc. Include costs or estimates and lots of photos including spring run off, storm swells, etc. We are gathering evidence. Your board has not been idle. We have extensive documentation of what is going on. We are currently in the process of getting our numbers certified. We will make the information available to you as soon as the certification is done.

It is our opinion, based on this documentation, that this flooding need not to have occurred and can be managed effectively by a qualified hydrologist, which the county does not currently have. It is our belief, based on the numbers we have, that the court ordered mandated levels are being ignored. The results of this is 264,000 feet of frontage on the Upper Chain being flooded and underwater over half of the year many years in a row. There will be much more on this and the steps the SMLA will be taking coming soon. In the meantime, start taking photos, post what you have and contact any one of your board members anytime.

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