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Happy July 4th

Greetings Members!

I can’t believe we are halfway through summer already. I hope everyone has a safe 4th of July!

A few things to note;

Both Echo and Southarm Townships passed the SAD for another year but has limited the amount of assessment dollars available to PLM. The alternative was to raise our assessment amount which none of us wanted. Please note that the SAD is not for use on an individual basis but is used for an invasive that threatens the health of the lake. Blue/green algae is virtually untreatable because of how the DEQ regulates the chemicals used and because there are several strains, not all of which are poisonous, and the only way to tell which ones are is to send a sample to the State of Michigan. So, if you feel compelled to call PLM, knowing the above information should be helpful to you. The situation is best discussed with SMLA President Jeff Rogers if you have questions or concerns 231.544.6613.

We have lots of new faces on the lake this year. New homes being built, new owners of homes of members that have moved on, etc. Along with some of our newbies, both on and off the lake including non-residents utilizing the public access, have come new boats and some of those boats throw huge wakes which compromise the shoreline around Six Mile Lake and have the potential to cause significant property damage. Know how to plane out your boat to minimize this damage. We hear from folks all the time about how low our lake is but for those of us who have lived here over 30 years we can tell you that this is NORMAL. It is normal to see sand beaches around the lake. Almost fifteen years of bad weather events, torrential rains and snows, and silting in of the riverways connecting the Upper Chain has caused many property owners the loss of seven or more feet of shoreline frontage which has dropped into the lake. A couple of weekends ago a wakeboat raced up and down the lake causing waves to crash over rock walls and up into front yards. Although there is no law currently on the books restricting the size of boats or motors on small inland lakes there is a law which holds the owners of these boats responsible for the damage they do to lakefront shorelines. Important information for you should you be a property owner wondering what you can do.

Also, for many years, Six Mile Lake pretty much goes quiet after 7:30pm or so basically for the fishermen to have their time on the lake and for boaters to leisurely tour and enjoy the solitude and beauty of the lake. This is not a rule, just a courtesy you may want to consider if you’ve been racing up and down on the lake most of the day enjoying the wind, water and waves tubing, skiing, etc. and doing what all or most of us enjoy the most. This is information only so don’t threaten to blow up my house please as I am one of those racing up and down also. However, I do want to give others their time as well.

Echo Township passed a fireworks ordinance this past spring which prohibits the use of untethered sky lanterns and restricts the use of fireworks to June 29th through July 4th until 11:45pm. I am only reporting the restrictions for this holiday and will post the rest of the restrictions in a later communication.

Our two loon pairs each have only one chick as the north pair lost one of theirs. This holiday be mindful of them and all the extra folks out swimming, kayaking, fishing and enjoying the lake. Please use running lights at night, which is the law. Do not ride on the front of a moving boat with feet dangling in the water, and, for crying out loud, recognize that when you are shouting at your companions over the din of the motor as you are traveling down the lake, most of us are not interested in your Aunt Mildred’s recent gall bladder operation, or your best friend’s impending divorce, or listening to YOUR preferred music blaring out your boat speakers, or your ‘f’ bombs because your wife put sugar in your spaghetti sauce. In other words…sounds AND secrets travel on the water.

If you think I’m mean and it’s none of my business what you do, remember we are all sharing a beautiful lake with wonderful friends and neighbors, both new and old, and the rule ‘treat others as you would like to be treated’ goes a long way in solving problems before they start.

Have a fun, safe July 4th!

Cherie Hogan

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