From the Secretary to our Membership – March 2019

Greetings from the frigid neighborhood of Six Mile Lake!!! I hope all of our members are hanging on and waiting for this weather to moderate. I think my snow shovel is permanently welded to my hands. Simply put…we have nowhere else to push the snow. We lost power…again…for 28 hours. Of course, I was so mad I called Great Lakes Energy to see WHY the south end of Six Mile Lake seems to lose power first during a storm and get it turned back on last. I had or Paypal will¬† a fascinating conversation with the supervisor for our area and was very surprised at the information I was given. Needless to say, the SMLA board decided to invite Steve Murray to be our guest speaker at the September 14th meeting so I know this is one meeting you won’t want to miss. FYI..the power is back on so you may want to have a friend or neighbor check your place just to make sure all is well. If your roof is at all weak, you may want to have it shoveled. Also, there was some flooding across Miles Rd. by Murray Lane so just pray that we don’t have the torrential snows and rains we had last April when we got 35 inches of precipitation. Know that your board is actively working to address these high water conditions and will keep you posted.

Coming soon will be the postcard in the mail with this year’s dates and activities. Kelly and I will be putting the loon platforms in in April. Last year, the water was so high we had to creep down the lake and guess where to place them. We didn’t put our shore station or boat back in the water until the third week in June.

The St. Clair-Six Mile Lake Natural Area has a new addition on the northwest side of the channel or the very southwest side of St. Clair Lake. Joann and Rick Beemon placed their 2.1 acre parcel with 319 feet of lake frontage in Conservancy hands. Thank you Beemons!! Also Grand Traverse Regional Land Conservancy plans a major upgrade to the former South Arm Township Park and will add an aggregate path, new boardwalk, upgrade the canoe launch, new signage and other improvements. More on this at a future meeting.

We have a new meet and greet committee. Kathryn Bell and myself will be welcoming new owners and potential members to our beautiful lake.

Because the fishermen and fisherwomen have been so gracious in honoring our loon program, it is time to give back. Craig Schmidt is heading up a committee to put in fish shelters so that is exciting news. Let us know if you would be interested in helping out.

Remember, dues were due last August so if you haven’t renewed your membership, please do so now. $25 mailed to Box 421, Central Lake, MI or Paypal will work. Attend one of the meetings and you get a calendar to stick on your fridge.

Ladies of the Lake breakfast is the first Monday of every month year round unless it interferes with a holiday, then it’s the second Monday at the Front Porch Restaurant in Ellsworth at 9am.

For those of you with Charter service did you know that they offer a service to stop those annoying telemarketers. Call them or go online to set it up. Your phone will ring once, then the call is disconnected. It is wonderful!!! For those that get through you can dial 60# and add unwanted numbers to that service once you set it up. This is the first time there’s been peace here in a long time.

Should you need anything please shoot me a text at 231-676-9969 and I’ll do my best to answer your questions.

Until next time,

Cherie Hogan


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