Free Perennials

Cherie Hogan wrote:
For anyone interested in getting some free perennials, I have lots and lots to
give away. It doesn’t really matter whether you know me or not, just call and
leave a message, I will get back with you, and we will set up a time for you to
come and dig them out. Bring some plastic Wal-Mart (or whatever) bags and
prepare your beds before you come. Then all you have to do is stick the plants
in the ground. I have plenty of perennial geranium in several colors, silver
king artemesia, camphor southerwood, zebra grass, ladies mantle, sweet cicely,
lemon thyme, chocolate mint, pineapple sage, just to name a few. Don’t know what
you need? Bring your garden plan and I will help you. This offer is open to all
members and I dig anytime during the spring, summer, or fall. Also, these are
good sized plants, not the tiny things you pay big bucks for at the nurseries.
My number is 231-544-2781.


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