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Flood Insurance PolicyDear Member,

I have been very concerned for the past few years about flooding and water levels on the Chain-O-Lakes. I contacted my insurance agent about this a couple years ago and was told that obtaining flood insurance was a long drawn out affair and that I would have to approach my Township first as they would have to apply to the Federal Government, flood classifications would need to be established, other requirements would need to be met, and long story short, it would be very time consuming and very costly. I was quoted over $4000 a year…IF all requirements were met.

We have since changed agents and, once again, I approached our agent, Kathy Patton from NuStar Insurance/Patton Agency and she did some investigating and found a company that offers flood insurance at a very affordable rate. I just applied today and the rate I got was $392 a year and covers “mother nature letting herself in” as Kathy stated. It does not cover damage to my yard but does cover my home and contents from water EITHER BY ROAD OR BY LAKE. (regular homeowners insurance does not cover this….check your policy).

Water levels are at an all time high. The lake never had a chance to drain down before winter set in. The Antrim County Drain Commissioner, Mark Stone, is extremely concerned and has the gates on the dams on the Chain open (contrary to court mandates). The ice has clogged some channels impeding water movement and there is discussion as to what to do. We have had unusually high amounts of snowfall. I’ve lived here 30 years and have never seen anything like this year. We cannot see out of our kitchen windows the snow is so high and it’s only February 24th. Six Mile Lake drains a couple thousand acres all the way around and all of that water is headed our way come spring thaw.

I am protecting my investment and am happy to be able to forward this information to all members. For more information you can contact Kathy at 1-888-972-8866 or 231-544-1116. Her office is located in Central Lake. There is a 30 day delay before coverage kicks in and depending on how much or little you need rates are as low as $129 per year.

One last caution….please have someone check your place if you haven’t been up in a while. We had a large chunk of ice fall from our second story roof, break off our first story eaves trough, and come careening through the window throwing glass shards 10′ into the room. It’s been a brutal winter and it’s any body’s guess what the spring will be like.

Take care!!!

Cherie Hogan

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