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Congratulations Members on the new 2020 Loon Babies

Dear Members,

Good news!!
For the first time, in three years, both loon pairs have two chicks to raise. The north pair had their chicks last week born on May 27 and 28 as reported by the Bargers and Faas and now two loon chicks born June 6th on the south platform.  How exciting!! Please be watchful and alert your neighbors of the good news.
Remember, these chicks are unable to dive for the first two weeks after they are born. Threats of being run over by boats and preyed on by eagles are the two biggest concerns. Also, kayakers and jet skiis getting too close are another threat. Please be careful and if you see something be proactive. Many thanks to a neighbor on the west side of the lake who was in an aluminum boat and saw two kayakers ignore the warning buoys and go right in on the loon platform and took the time to have a conversation with the kayakers and move them out of the area.
Also, another member is concerned about our swans. If you see any harassment of them again please be proactive but nice. Many people just want to get a closer look and mean no harm.
Thanks for all you do to keep our lake and it’s resident wildlife safe!!
Cherie Hogan


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