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How About Closing The Boat Launches?

comment by Doug Veit
Hello , to slow invasive species from entering 6 mile lake maybe our focus should be to limit the use of echo park and the other public boat launch. It seems the people that care most for our lake is the lake front owners.

Scott’s lake is better protected than our lake. Little Glen lake has 1 access site for both Glen and little Glen, they have a person posted to wash each boat with Algaecide before it launches. I know they are big money lakes and can afford to hire an Algae Guard person, I do not think we can. Maybe we can have 5 gallon buckets with a brush for people to use before launching at Echo park.

As for Milfoil, I have asked lake front owners who have been fighting with it for years. The only answers, constant vigilance, with Algaecide Granules and the “V” shaped rake jerked through the weeds to cut them. I was told to start as fast as possible to prevent the thick blanket of milfoil weeds he has on one side of his dock, the other is clear.

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