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Blossom Pest Control of Boyne City

Cherie Hogan says:

I wanted to let everyone know that if you should want your house sprayed for carpenter ants , spiders, etc, please contact Blossom Pest Control of Boyne City 1-800-582-0020. They are offering the best rates anywhere. We have used Hogarths Pest Control for several years and they raised their rates this year from $200 to $300 (per house) and five of us neighbors go together to save costs so they only have to make one trip. Questioning the huge rate increase didn’t seem to matter to Hogarths…they didn’t even bother to return our call (as of this posting). Blossom is doing the same work for $150 per house. The owner, Diana, told me they are working hard to try to keep their rates down so I encourage you to give Blossom Pest Control a call.

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