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Baby Loon saved

Sally,I want to tell you about what happened this afternoon out on our lake concerning the loons,they were on the lake two doors north of my house and the son of the people that live there had a bobber on his fishing line that is greenish in color and one of the baby loon got caught with the fishing line first in the its mouth and trying to get loose started to go under water while twisting and rolling to rid it self of the line.I was sitting on our swing and seen what was happening so I ran down to the lake and told the guy to reel the loon back to shore to where we could work on getting it loose of the line,by this time I was sure that the poor thing would die but the guy had a pocket knife and I told him to start cutting the line,he did a good job and also fast and we were able to release it and it took off to its parents who was calling and calling,then after they gathered together the father swam back to near the dock with the fellow sitting on it seam to be chewing his butt out for having the bobber where the young could get caught,Del and I gave a long sigh and was happy that maybe the young will return and make its home here next spring. please pass this info to all so that they might not make the same mistake with fishing lines.thanks Leon.

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