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August 2017 – President’s Corner

Hello Members,

It’s that time of year again and four board members are up for re-election. Should you be interested please contact Vice-President Cliff Sorrell at 512-468-3572 or text me at 231-676-9969 and we would be happy to tell you more about those positions and what being on the board is all about. In a nutshell, we need workers. Cliff calls it ‘volunteer opportunities’ but he is a much kinder person than I am. Currently, I am on four different boards and I can tell you that none of those boards are a picnic….they require commitment and work. I can proudly say that everyone I have ever worked with on the Six Mile Lake Association Board of Directors, and my tenure has been 29 years in some capacity, has been a hard worker and has had the lake as the number one priority. We all want to live in a place that is beautiful and safe and welcoming filled with good, kind, considerate neighbors and I’d say Six Mile Lake fits the bill nicely.

Over the years, I, and other board members have been asked how we remain so strong and the answer for me has always been the same…the Association is filled with hard-working, dedicated people who love the lake and each other. We may not always agree but we always come together to protect each other and our lake. That said, Cliff has sign-up sheets out at every meeting for volunteers to donate a few hours of time and participate in various activities around the lake.

Right now, he and Mary need help with the annual picnic coming up on Saturday, August 12 at 4pm at Echo Township Park. Please call Cliff if you can help. This is a great way to get out and meet or spend time with other members. The guys man the bbq grills and the gals set up the tables for the food we all share. We never have a list of who is bringing what but there always seems to be the right amount of salads, main dishes and desserts. Nominations for the four open board positions will be presented at this time, we have a very short business meeting and we are gone. I have never heard a member yet say they had a bad time at the picnic. So plan on attending this year. It’s only a couple of hours out of your day and the only time we get together in August and chow down!!! Remember, Cliff and Mary need help so please call them at 512-468-3572 and we hope to see you there!!!

In the next President’s Corner I will be discussing the SAD and Bre Grabill’s (from PLM) presentation at the July meeting, how the SAD is doing and where it’s going from here.

See you at the picnic!!

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