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Residents need to attend meetings

6 Mile Lake Assoc (SMLA) Residents need to attend meeting Echo Oct 3 and South Arm Oct. 10

The board and Milfoil committee has done their work…. NOW it is your turn. We need all to attend the upcoming Townships meetings of both Echo Twps and South Arm. We need to be there to support the petition we have turned into them. We need to be nice, make sure it is on the agenda, and let them know we are in support of this action. Guys… there is a BIG battle to be won yet and it depends on you helping. This is not the public meeting to discuss the petition, but, these are the meetings to encourage the Township Boards to set up the special assessment district.

If you absolutely can’t be there at least write letters to both the townships explaining that you are in support. We maybe should all write letters. If anyone would like to write a letter that could be copied and used by anyone else I would love it and we could put it on the email for others to copy and paste.

This is the time to call your friends and neighbors on the lake and encourage them to attend and write letters.

Echo Township Meets on 1st Wed of Month Oct. 3 is this month & Nov. 7 is next month.

Supervisor: William Derenzy
4954 West Old State Rd.
Central Lake, MI 49622

South Arm Township meets on 2nd Wed. of month. Oct.10 is this month and Nov. 14 is next month.

Robert Christiansen, Supervisor
06910 Behling Road
East Jordan, MI 49727

Quote from a board member:”The reason for Association members to attend the Township meetings is to show support for the assessment district to be established. If none of us go to the meetings the assessment district will be put off, or swept under the rug, or denied. The more people that show up to voice their support the more consideration the Townships will have to give us. Bill Derenzy has already asked me how much support I feel we have for the special assessment district and I told him we had a majority that supported it and their eyes were wide open about the amount of $200 per property/owner. He said he had some opposition so that is why we need to go to the meetings. The squeaky wheel gets the grease.”

See you there,Sally Dieck

Echo Township meeting is 7:00pm at the Echo Twp. Hall corner of 6 Mile Lake and Old State Rds.. It is just around the corner on 6 Mile Lake Rd. from the church we have our meetings.

South Arm township meeting is 7:00 at the South Arm Twp. Hall on M 66 north of the light 1/2 to 3/4 mile on the west side of the road.


Oct. 1 Ladies breakfast @ Front Porch at 9:00 am
Oct 3 Echo twp. meeting @7:00
Oct. 10 South Arm Twp. meeting @ 7::00:
Oct. 13- Annual Chili Supper @ 5:00- volunteers needed to make chili and all are to bring small deserts
Nov. 7 Echo Twp. meeting
Nov. 14 South Arm Twp. meeting.
Dec. 27 Annual Christmas party @ the Mallard call Cherie Hogan for reservations 231-544-2781

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