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2021 Memorial Holiday Edited 5/26

Hello Members,

Just a quick update before the holiday weekend which I am positive everyone is looking forward to. First, it looks like the weather is going to cooperate with no rain and mid to upper 60’s for the weekend. Secondly, the lake is finally at a manageable level with many properties showing sandy beaches which most of us haven’t seen in years. The Army Corps of Engineers apparently concluded their study of the Chain-O-Lakes and as soon as we get the report we will let you know, but, I have been told that it looks like the culvert in Ellsworth is the major impediment to Six Mile and St. Clair Lake draining properly after substantial rainfalls. Our President, Jeff Rogers, had a great idea that would be pretty cost effective and, if I heard him right, involves deepening the area under the culvert to increase the flow of water vs. removing and raising the road. So we will see how this plays out.

Next up, both loon platforms are occupied. The north pair got up on April 30th and the south pair on May 7th. Count 28 days forward and that is pretty close to when the baby chicks will be born so this weekend could be a thriller if the babies are born on the north platform. We have successfully sent twelve loon chicks out into the world and maybe this year we can add four more. The only danger lies in people who don’t know what they are and don’t care so please keep an eye out for any mischief. The loons react more negatively to kayakers than anything else because they view the flipping, flashing paddles as a threat and visiting kayakers tend to float up on the nests to get a closer look mistakenly thinking that not having a noisy motor won’t bother the loons as much. Jet skis also get pretty close and it’s pretty normal to want to see these beautiful birds and so educating newbies and the public by politely warning them off goes a long way in keeping the chicks safe until they are able to dive and get away. We have also witnessed people fishing on the lake casting directly at the platforms and also directly at the loons so that is another reason to keep an eye on our beautiful loons. I may have addressed this in a prior post, but we get asked frequently why we don’t have more platforms on the lake. The two main reasons are respect for the fishermen who give up their prime spots to the nesting platforms and the fact that loons are very territorial and we have no competition between the two pairs that occupy Six Mile Lake…so it’s peaceful for everyone and everything involved for the most part.

Remember, anyone wanting any perennials for your garden contact me. I have lots to give away especially ferns and ground covers and perennial geraniums, ladies mantel, etc. By now, most of you should have my cell phone number in your phones. Text me please. Don’t leave a voice message on my cell phone as it may not come in for days and don’t just show up without texting me first.

Contact Sally Diecks for June carpet cleaning. Her contact number is on the postcard sent out earlier. If you didn’t get a postcard let me know.

The Nathan Beem Memorial Preserve at the north end of the lake on the east side past the power lines may see some minor improvements this year, possibly a small parking lot on the road and walking path, according to Nathan’s parents so we’ll keep you posted on that. You can donate to the Little Traverse Conservancy in Harbor Springs and earmark your contribution ‘Beem Preserve’. What a blessing and a tribute to have this new preserve on our lake.

FYI, the SAD passed in both townships. Echo capped the funds last year and PLM didn’t need to treat much at all. This means our assessment dollars will stay relatively the same. The fishery here is healthy according to several avid fishermen that showed up for the Echo Twp hearing. Overall everyone seems satisfied with PLM.

Antrim County in conjunction with CAKE-SISMA will be planting purple loosestrife beetles in several stands around the lake to control the spread at no cost to the Association.

2020 was a nasty year and there were no meetings but this year we will resume our normal schedule. The breakfast meeting will be Saturday, June 12th at 9am at Pleasant Valley Free Methodist Church. Bring a dish to pass, your own table service, and any new neighbors or friends. We are so looking forward to seeing everyone again. Yearly dues are $25 and can be paid through PayPal on the website or send your check to PO Box 421, Central Lake, 49622. Once again, we have the magnetic calendars for our members and will have those available at the breakfast.

Isn’t this the best place to live in the whole, wide world?

Hope to see you in June!

Cherie Hogan,

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