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2013 Christmas Party at The Rowe Inn

christmas-treeI am really excited to announce that the Annual Six Mile Lake Association Christmas Party will be at the famous Rowe Inn in Ellsworth this December 28th at 12 noon.

We, meaning myself and the owner Laurel, are still working out the details but at this time it looks like there will be a three course meal and possibly a cash bar. Of course anyone interested in purchasing specialty wines can do so.

This will be a social event so we will be free to wander where we will to enjoy each others company and the fine ambiance of the Rowe at a most festive time of year.

I am also excited about the time of this event. It will be at noon so should the weather be particularly bad it will be easier to negotiate the roads in the daylight hours. I should have more detailed information next week.

Cherie Hogan

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