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From Cherie Hogan
I have lots of large bushes of ever-flowering perennials to give away. I am home most week-ends. Text my cell phone 231-676-9969 if you plan on coming over to make sure I am home or call my home 231-544-2781 so I can give you directions. I have perennial geraniums in four colors of pink. I have lots of ostrich ferns for the shade. I have tons of black eyed susans for those of you who don’t have a green thumb. Anyone wishing to start an herb garden I have chocolate mint, sweet cicely, sweet woodruff, camphor southerwood, silver king artemesia, monarda beebalm in four colors, oregano, apple mint, orange mint, catmint, and lemon mint. I have tons of perennial violets which the deer, rabbits and snails don’t eat. I have tons of groundcovers including vinca vine. I also have two requests. First of all, if you don’t know what any of this stuff is pay a visit to my house to see what it is and if you can use it. You can then go home and get the places you want to put these plants in ready so that all you have to do is plug them in the ground after you leave my house. Secondly, if you are not going to put the effort into taking care of them, at least initially with some mulch and some water so that they have a chance to survive, then these plants are not for you. I am not trying to be rude just realistic. You may want to start out with just a couple of plants to see how the both of you do. In any case, you will need to bring a shovel, a large tray or several large buckets to put water in, and a bunch of Walmart bags depending on how many plants you want to take. Believe me, there’s enough for everybody so be greedy but also be prepared!!! This is an opportunity for instant landscaping and once in the ground with some mulch and extra water you won’t need to do anything else except sit back and enjoy the show as most of these are butterfly, bee, and hummingbird plants and most, if not all, are deer and rabbit-proof which is what you will need if you want any landscaping plants to survive up here! I will be giving these away most of the summer but will be digging a lot of them out this week-end so make plans to come as soon as you can.


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